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In Person Support

Labor Support

Doula support during labor has been shown to  decrease epidural use, decrease c-sections, decrease the length of of labor, decrease the use of interventions. Here at The Mountain Doula, it is our goal to help you reach yours, whether that's a VBAC,  an unmedicated birth, an empowered birth,  a calm atmosphere; to help you and your family feel secure through this transition, that is our role.

 Doula labor support looks different to every client. It can mean holding your hand through contractions, reminding you to drink water, breathing with you, hip squeezes and massage, helping you get settled in while the epidural is being prepped,  or maybe reminding the birthing partner to eat. Labor Support with a doula is dedicated, uninterrupted, personalized support.

Here is what the Labor Support Package includes:

  • 24/7 support via phone call and text from the time of signing the contract
  • help in crafting a list birth desires
  • in person support for duration of labor
  • help with the first feeding after birth
  • 1 post natal visit within 3 days of birth
  • 1 hour long prenatal ( after initial consult)