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Postpartum & Infant Care

Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Services help with the transition back at home. It can look different for every family, as there are new needs and adjustments made for each family member. Perhaps this is your first child, or maybe your third, but your family has grown in a brand new way. Postpartum doulas are shown to decrease incidence of postpartum depression and anxiety. Choosing a postpartum doula can give you as parents the opportunity to sleep with ease, to feed the way you want, all with un-biased support; Postpartum doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming!

Postpartum Doula Service include:

Contracted package of hours ( minimum 5 hrs)

  • assisting mother with rest and recovery after birth

  • help with feeds ( bottle or breast)

  • general baby care (baths, diapering, etc.)

  • help with siblings

  • understanding baby cues

  • light housework/meal prep

  • solutions for infant sleep