I'm Pregnant! Now what?

When you find out you are pregnant so many questions arise. Is this normal? Why am I crying? What did I come into this room for? Not to mention health questions, and concerns about labor. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with an ever growing to-do list and so many unknowns. But you are not alone!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, this is a great start. You may want to consider a doula as an added measure of support, and you should definitely set aside time to talk with your partner about your concerns and what the next steps look like. Not everything has to be decided at once, and somethings definitely can take a back seat. Here is a list of the must do things for in coming baby.

  1. Find a healthcare provider be it OB/GYN or Midwife, someone who you trust and makes you feel comfortable. Finding this professional may also help you decide where you will give birth

  2. Take care of yourself; getting enough fluids, the right kids of fruits and veggies, and getting rest is not just good for baby, but for you. Take the time to nurture yourself.

That's it. Those two things are the only things that absolutely have to be done right now. So relax. If you have have already found your health care provider and have been taking care of yourself, great! This next list is the things that should be done over the course of pregnancy.

  1. Write a birth plan. How would you like your birth to go? Does it include pain medication? Or natural pain management? Who do you want in the labor room with you? Does that include a partner, a parent, or a doula? Thinking about some of these things and writing them down will help tremendously in making you feel more at ease.

  2. Think about how you want to feed baby. Would you like to breast feed exclusively? Or formula feed? Or both? Write down what you want feedings to look like, and remember that it is not set in stone. You can change methods if that is what you and baby need, and you can find support if you want try some different methods. As long as baby gets fed.

  3. Create a space for baby. Some mothers-to-be go into "nesting" mode automatically, and some do not. But make sure to carve out time to create a space for baby to sleep whether that is a crib in a different room, or a bassinet next to your bed.

  4. Support system. You probably already have a supportive partner, but you may feel like you need more. You can probably find at least 5 mom groups to be a part of social media, but it's great to have in person support as well. It may feel strange to attend mommy play dates at first because you are new, but you may find someone to identify with and feel encouragement from. Having a doula can also be the there to strengthen your support system through educational resources and encouragement as well as light housework.

Your list will get done one way or another so don't be afraid to delegate some tasks. Because, before you know it, your bundle of love will be in your arms.