I Say Postpartum, You Say...

My guess is that the most often associated word with "postpartum" is depression. It makes sense. It's something that frightens new mothers, and returning mothers alike. And while it certainly is a topic that needs to be discussed ( a promised blog later), I also want to broaden the understanding of Postpartum. It is simply the time after a baby has arrived earthside, till about  the one year mark. It can be called 4th trimester,  or maybe postnatal, but it revolves around the health and well being of the new mother, rather than the new baby.

When that first visitor arrives at the house to see the brand new bundle of joy, I bet they won't ask how you are healing up in your nether regions. Here is where the the Postpartum & Infant Care doula steps in. We ask. Like give me the gory details, ask. But not just about you lady bits, also about your emotions, that may still feel like they are steamrolling through your whole day.

We ask about sleep (yours and baby's), feeding, household needs, new family dynamics, and that whole crazy adjustment period.

And then we help you with sleep, feeding, household needs, family dynamics and adjusting to this crazy new little infant that just turned your world upside-down.

Postpartum Doulas are not just for depression, although we can help detect and give resources for that, we do so much more. The moment you walk out the hospital, or the midwife heads home, you are essentially on your own. This brand new precious and delicate little baby comes with no instructions, nor an English setting. Maybe you just need reassurance that you are doing the right thing, someone to help troubleshoot the whole feeding thing, or to organize the baby's nursery, to give you the chance for a shower; whatever you want that to look like, we do that. As a Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, it means we can and want to help with what mom needs, and what baby needs

So when you say Postpartum, I say, "how can I help?"