Gender Revealed

Almost right after you announce you are expecting, the next question asked is gender of the baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Which one do you want? Which one does your spouse want? Will you be disappointed if it's not a ... (fill in the blank.) But all theses questions hinge on actually being able to choose the gender of the baby, as if that's something you can control. But what if you could? Is it possible?

A dear friend of mine  and I were talking about being able to plan the gender of her babies. She is a grandmother now, and used this method to plan out the order of her children, because of what her mother taught her. Whether or not there is scientific backing to it is another story, but anecdotal evidence can be so fun to talk about.

The Method.

This method was apparently passed around in the readers digest in the 60's, but I was never able to find the source. Having sex for the days before ovulation will lead to a boy. But having sex after ovulation, but still in the fertile window, will lead to a girl. Having sex on the ovulation day could be either gender. If having sex regularly during that time, it could be hard to determine when fertilization occurred, so it's not an exact science, or really science at all. But it certainly doesn't hurt to give it a shot if you are trying to have one gender over another.

 Other Methods.

According to Dr. Shettle, who wrote the book "How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby", the Y chromosome (boy) is faster than the X chromosome (girl), but is more fragile. If the Y chromosome can arrive right around ovulation, it has a higher chance of fertilizing the egg and conception occurring. But for a girl, sex should happen about 2-3 days before ovulation, as X chromosomes can withstand the acidic environment better.

Gender Predictor.

Then there are methods to predict gender of the baby once you have conceived. I didn't know about this particular old wives tale until a couple of years ago when a co-worker was about to get her 20 week ultrasound. Traditionally you take wedding ring and tie it with a piece of her hair, but in our office we did a string and a pencil and dangle it over her wrist. Up and down means girl, and left to right means boy. The way the ring, or pencil, swings would reveal your entire lineage. Including children already born. A little hokey? Yep, but we always had fun gathering around the mother to be.

Here is what I do know to be true. Regardless of gender, that little person is yours and you love them abundantly. And they will grow up to surprise you, again and again. 

So what do you think, is there a way to determine gender, or predict gender?