When I'm At Your House

Knock Knock. It's me.

Your Home is so lovely! 

Whether you only have a consultation for labor support, or maybe birth preparation class, or maybe some postpartum shifts, it may seem weird to have a stranger (not for long, I hope ) in your home.  If you feel like you need to clean your house before I come over, you certainly can, but I won't judge you if you don't. If you are exhausted, and literally can't even, don't worry about it; again, I won't judge. If you want to show me the completed nursery, or your work-in-progress-mostly-baby-things room, I want to see it.

But just so you understand, I'm not a guest you have to entertain, I am not a family member to feed, I am not a friend who just wants to hold the baby. I am here for you. And that means coming into your home without expectations.

If your home takes off their shoes  at the door, so will I. If your home is also home to furry family members, bring on the petting. If you simply can't believe the state your home is in post-baby, tell me what to put away and where. If you have not had an adult conversation in what seems like forever, I can clear a spot on the couch and chat. If you need a nap, a shower, a break (!), point me in the direction of the diapers, and we will see you in a little while. This whole doula-unbiased-support-thing, also means not judging your home.

Your home is sacred. It is where your family eats, sleeps, grows, cries, and loves. My role is to come in and meet you wherever you are in that special, one-of-a-kind home of yours. It is my hope that we come to a place where it doesn't feel like I'm stranger in your home. And it feels like I'm just there to help.

So when I tell you, " Your home is lovely, " I really mean it. Because your home is where your life happens. And that is so lovely.