Local Date Ideas

If you are thinking, "We've got to get out and do something before the baby gets here," you are right. And while I'm sure you can think of a million things to do instead of taking a night out, taking the time to date your partner, is not wasted time, it's an investment. So before the big day, go do something fun. It may very well be the last thing you do as a two-some.

1. Caliches

When is the last time you stopped to get actually ice cream as a couple? Take it to the park, drive around town. If this is your first baby, it's important to soak. it. all. up. Being alone together, not having to share your food, will soon be a distant memory. So go ahead get the frozen custard, heck, get a hot dog, if you want. This is a date dedicated to the simpler times in life, when all you needed was a frozen treat to cheer you up. And oh, it will.

2. White Sands...at night.

Did you know that on full moon nights during the summer, White Sands National Monument  stays open till midnight? If you have been during the day, and felt it was too hot for an adventure, try coming in around sunset and watching the pink New Mexico sky fade to black. If you can find a quiet spot, it can be quite romantic, and the perfect place for a shameless selfie. How many people live this close to a National Monument? Take advantage while you can before it's after your little ones bedtime! Check for full moon dates and prices.

3. Alameda Park Zoo

Zoos are always fun, and while the Alameda Zoo is small, it packs a punch. For $2.50 per adult, you can't get a cheaper or more fun date. With domestic animals like the great mountain lion and black bear, to the kangaroo and the new monkey exhibit, it's both educational and gentle physical exercise, that may even help to walk the baby out.

4. Space Museum

Are you a couple that enjoys museums? This is the place for you! Between neat exhibits and air-conditioning, what more can you ask for? At the Dome Theater you can view different showings about space and other topics as well as enjoy a live star show in the planetarium. Just $8.00 for adults, this out-this-world experience, is a steal.

5. Hike / Picnic

There are some great trails in the area. Osha Trail, right before you get to Cloudcroft, is a moderate hike going through beautiful country. Pack a picnic, and enjoy the sights and sounds over a great meal. If you are not up for a hike at this stage in your pregnancy, Sleepy Grass picnic area is just past Cloudcroft on highway 82, and is situated in a lovely spot. Breathe in that mountain air, and pack plenty of water!

If this is your first baby, your family dynamic will soon change. So soak up the moments with just the two of you. Moments where there are no interruption to feed a little person, no naps times, no bedtimes, except yours. And if this is not your first baby, and you have found yourself a babysitter, congratulations! Date nights/ days are a great habit to form, creating greater intimacy for what can  be a very stressful transition. So get out there, and snuggle up. You'll be glad you did.