Doulas' Are For Dads

Mom’s get to grow the baby. There is a connection and bond grown over 9 months that is special and continuous. When mom goes into labor, for dad it may seem shocking; all of the sudden this baby is very real, and labor is very intense to watch. The build-up for mom is a slow and gradual process, but dad? Sometimes it hits all at once. When it comes to birth and labor, dads may need a doula just as much as mom.

Doulas can step in when things get emotional.

When tensions are high, when someone you care about is in pain, thinking clearly may not come so easily. A doula is the calm reassurance that things are going normally, that sounds, smells and bodily functions are normal.

Doulas know where to get things (or at least who to ask).

You want a warm blanket, popsicle, a cup of coffee? I know where to get it, or better yet, if in the middle of things, I can grab it for you!

Doulas are a constant support- which means you can pee when you need to.

Going to grab something in the car, grabbing a bite to eat, going to the bathroom, getting some fresh air, are all possible because having a doula means your partner won’t be left alone. It also means that you have time to call the fam announcing little ones’ arrival.

Doulas know where to put their hands.

It can feel like an awkward jr. high dance again, not knowing how to hold, press, or place yourself during labor. Doula’s are a bit like dance instructors in that way, we can teach you to hip squeeze, how to clutch and sway, where to place a compress, all in a way that helps everyone feel comfortable.

Dads, it is okay if knowing how to help your partner does not come naturally to you. Being there is the most important thing. My goal as a doula is to help mom and dad feel confident, empowered and prepared. A doula is not a replacement to a partner, but a a supplement. We are here for you too dads. Supporting the entire growing family.

Sarah Washington